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We are management consultants who realize opportunities of the German-Taiwanese R&D partnerships and provide local support to Taiwanese businesses in their wider European projects. With our capabilities and networks in both countries, we leverage our value and serve the Taiwanese republic.


We complement your know-how in 4 competence areas:

German B2B Market Strategy

Conducting activities in Taiwan and Germany requires a heightened awareness of differing business expectations. We will evaluate your approach and the German market, collaborating with you to further refine your market strategy. If necessary, we stand ready to assist you with local implementation.

German-Taiwanese R&D Partnerships
Intercultural Training

We partner with Elephant Communications to offer online cross-cultural workshops for professional relationships. Participants will increase competence skills leading to awareness of one’s own culture, understanding of their counterpart’s behavior and effective business communication.

Enhanced Coordination

We facilitate the teamwork by communicatingand mediating also in your and the target market’s native languages to retain deeper insights that would be lost otherwise. We are well-versed with both traditional and agile project cultures.

About us

Jany Trnka

Jany Trnka is the founder and managing director of JNY Projects.

Jany has extensive experience working on a wide range of international business, technical, and non-profit projects. He is fluent in Chinese, German, English, and Czech, and maintains strong ties to Taiwan, particularly the southern city of Kaohsiung.

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Meeting people and getting to know them is one of the most fulfilling part of our business.

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